XNA Ray Intersect Triangle

private bool RayIntersectTriangle(Vector3 rayPosition, Vector3 rayDirection, Vector3 tri0, Vector3 tri1, Vector3 tri2, ref float pickDistance, ref float barycentricU, ref float barycentricV)
// Find vectors for two edges sharing vert0
Vector3 edge1 = tri1 - tri0;
Vector3 edge2 = tri2 - tri0;

// Begin calculating determinant - also used to calculate barycentricU parameter
Vector3 pvec = Vector3.Cross(rayDirection, edge2);

// If determinant is near zero, ray lies in plane of triangle
float det = Vector3.Dot(edge1, pvec);
if (det < 0.0001f)
return false;

// Calculate distance from vert0 to ray origin
Vector3 tvec = rayPosition - tri0;

// Calculate barycentricU parameter and test bounds
barycentricU = Vector3.Dot(tvec, pvec);
if (barycentricU < 0.0f || barycentricU > det)
return false;

// Prepare to test barycentricV parameter
Vector3 qvec = Vector3.Cross(tvec, edge1);

// Calculate barycentricV parameter and test bounds
barycentricV = Vector3.Dot(rayDirection, qvec);
if (barycentricV < 0.0f || barycentricU + barycentricV > det)
return false;

// Calculate pickDistance, scale parameters, ray intersects triangle
pickDistance = Vector3.Dot(edge2, qvec);
float fInvDet = 1.0f / det;
pickDistance *= fInvDet;
barycentricU *= fInvDet;
barycentricV *= fInvDet;

return true;